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Hound's Tooth
From Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels

The modified light freighter Hound's Tooth was purchased by the enigmatic Trandoshan bounty hunter known only as Bossk shortly after his previous ship was destroyed on Gandolo IV by the infamous Wookiee named Chewbacca and his sidekick, Han Solo.

The agressive Trandoshan (and famed Wookie hunter) chose a modern Corellian design, the YV-666 freighter, and has the ship modified to suit his needs. The main hull is long, tall, and narrow with large manuvering fins attached to the rear engine compartment. The bridge sits atop the ship and is connected to the main deck, which contain Bossk's quarters, the ship's computers and controls, and Bossk's training room. The engines, power core, and weapons systems take up the entire bottom half od the ship. The engines' two main drive nozzles are located between the maneuvering fins and can be individually attuned for thrust angles. The fins themselves contain miniture arrays of maneuvering thrusters. The Hound's Tooth is fast for a light freighter and has several banks of shield generators to enhance the already reinforced hull.

The Hound's Tooth has a retractable lower quad laser turret which can be handled by a gunner or controlled from the bridge. There is also a concussion-missle launcher with a magazine of six missles.

The ship's controls have been modified for Trandoshans. Bossk rests his arms into a pair of troughs on the control grid. Microsensors along each trough respond to Bossk's every move, allowing the bounty hunter to control any system with minimal effort.

Bossk is a bounty hunter who likes to work alone, so he has installed an X10-D droid brain to control shipboard systems. The unit will respond to Bossk's verbal commands and can regulate weapons, thrusters, interior atmosphere, and security systems. The droid brain allows Bossk to control Hound's Tooth either from the bridge or from his personal cabin

Bossk has also equipped the ship with redundant sensors and security systems in order to detect prisoner breakouts. An interior scanning system analyzes all cargo brought aboard the ship, and the holds are sensor-screened. The prisoner-holding cages in the aft cargo section are magnetically reinforced for added strength and are activated by motion sensors linked to a force-field generator. Bossk also keeps an automated skinning table (for Wookiees and other, similar prey) and his complete stock of hunting weapons in this hold. Unauthorized entery into any of several compartments triggers neural stunners, sub-q injectors, shock panels, or other security systems. Bossk has a voice-recognition system that enables him to secure the vessel from the outside.

Bossk also has an interior scout ship, the Nashtah Pup, for emergency operations. A large dorsal hatch on the Hound's Tooth opens to release the short-range ship. The Nashtah Pup has room for only two and almost no cargo space.

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