1. Washington at dawn

    March 1, 2016 — Looking east on H Street Northwest in Washington, DC.

  2. Wood duck

    A wood duck nervously watches me try to take its picture.

  3. Red-bellied woodpecker

    A red-bellied woodpecker eats at my feeders.

  4. Carolina chickadee

    A Carolina chickadee sits on a branch among emerging magnolia buds.

  5. Fig buttercup

    Lesser celandine, also known as fig buttercup, is nice to look at, but is an invasive species in North America.

  6. Downy woodpecker

    A downy woodpecker eats at my feeders

  7. Yellow-bellied sapsucker

    A Yellow-bellied sapsucker chills near my feeders.

  8. Magnolias in full bloom

    The magnolias are in full bloom today in Silver Spring, Md.

  9. Eastern bluebird

    Mount Gilead, North Carolina — A male eastern bluebird rests on a branch, March 9, 2019.

  10. Hermit crab

    A hermit crab hangs out on the beach at Emerald Isle, North Carolina.

  11. Seattle gum wall

    A wall along Post Alley in Seattle is covered in gum. It's undeniably disgusting, but oddly beautiful.

  12. Fellowship in pixels

    The Fellowship of the ring, pixelified.

  13. Northern cardinal

    Nice bird!

  14. September 11 memorial

    A 9/11 memorial on the Penn State University Park Campus, near some of the art buildings, in October of 2001.

  15. Love Park

    Love Park in Philadelphia

  16. Crocodile monitor

    A crocodile monitor lizard at the Philadelphia Zoo

  17. A peacock

    A peacock at the Philadelphia Zoo

  18. Little Niagara

    Little Niagara

  19. Stillwater cliffs

    Stillwater cliffs in Union Dale, Pa., near my parents’ house.