Hey Colin!

Chris Coleman

Look, I don’t have a lot to say right now, but I did want to let @c2dev2 that I’ve got notes posting automatically from my site to Twitter using a Netlify Lambda function. I’ll probably extend it to everything later!

30 Mar 2019 1 1 5

  1. Colin Devroe
    Though I would prefer my site to send along more data. So I'm going to look into this soon.
  2. Chris Coleman
    OK so it *looks like* the web mentions your site sends doesn’t include a whole lot of detail!
    Check the gist to see what I’m receiving… gist.github.com/freshyill/e35b…
  3. Colin Devroe
    One adjustment: make them titleless on site and feed.
  4. Chris Coleman
    I got you. 😎 Check it now… illtron.net/2019/03/hey-co…
    I’m still trying to figure out web mentions on my end. I’ve got the test one showing, but the others aren’t there.
    The WM API is definitely returning the one you sent. 🤔🤷‍♂️
  5. Colin Devroe
    One other adjustment, your images are not included in the RSS feed. Those should always be full content. You can also consider adding JSON Feed. jsonfeed.org
  6. Colin Devroe
    It is whatever WordPress plugin sends. I didn't hand code these indieweb pieces. No time.
  7. Colin Devroe
    I sent you a web mention.
  8. Colin Devroe
    excellent, may I also suggest gist.github.com/cdevroe/53f3a9…
  9. Chris Coleman
    Should notes and regular entries go in the same RSS feed?
  10. Chris Coleman
    Also, I do plan to come up with a more low-key design for the individual entries on the site.
  11. Chris Coleman
    oh you mean THIS json feed? 😄
    I did realize I forgot to add my hero images to the feeds. I’m fixing up web mentions now, but I’ll fix that soon.
  12. Chris Coleman
    Curse you, WordPress!
    Don’t sweat it, I did what I could to handle things on my end :-)
  13. Avatar
    Webmention Rocks!

    This test verifies that you accept a Webmention request that contains a valid source and target URL. To pass this test, your Webmention endpoint must return either HTTP 200, 201 or 202 along with the appropriate headers.

    If your endpoint returns HTTP 201, then it MUST also return a Location header. If it returns HTTP 200 or 202, then it MUST NOT include a Location header.