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  1. Black lives matter

    We can't fix a 401-year problem overnight, but we've got to start somewhere. I think we have gotten started.

  2. In the year 2005

    Here’s the story of a design I never did anything with. It’s also the story of a turning point year in my life.

  3. On restarting a blog in the age of coronavirus

    I think I figured out why I’ve suddenly got the urge to start maintaining this site again. It’s not a great reason.

  4. Into the woods

    This isn’t just a test, but it is mostly a test.

  5. Track & Field II

    It turns out not every NES game was a classic.

  1. Chris Coleman

    Netlify’s functions documentation is not great. Maybe twenty third time’s a charm…

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Baby Yoda’s just out here forcin' it up on a sunny Saturday.

Baby Yoda just hanging out, using the Force.

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