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  • Two years in to the pandemic

    Oh, this dumb shit is still going on.

  • I fixed it!

    All the way back in August, I started working on some improvements to this site — and now they're ready!

  • I broke something.

    So here I am, in the middle of completely rebuilding this site under the hood, when I went and broke something completely unrelated.

  • One year in to the pandemic

    It's been a year. Let's see how we did.

  • That’s that

    Our long national nightmare is finally over.


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    Chris Coleman

    Netlify’s functions documentation is not great. Maybe twenty third time’s a charm…

    24 May 2020

    Chris Coleman

    Not gonna lie, this is mostly another test to see if auto-posting to Twitter is working again. Depending on how it goes I’ll either post to Twitter one time, zero times, or like 50 times. And here we go!

    24 May 2020

    Chris Coleman

    I’ve been doing a lot of work these last few weeks, and I think everything is finally 100% upgraded, and 100% functional. This note serves as a test to help me confirm…

    23 May 2020

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