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  1. The west coast fires

    Quick, without googling it, are the west coast wildfires still happening?

  2. I’ve been thinking about this election

    I’ve been too busy to write, but that doesn't mean things aren’t on my mind.

  3. Black lives matter

    We can't fix a 401-year problem overnight, but we've got to start somewhere. I think we have gotten started.

  4. In the year 2005

    Here’s the story of a design I never did anything with. It’s also the story of a turning point year in my life.

  5. On restarting a blog in the age of coronavirus

    I think I figured out why I’ve suddenly got the urge to start maintaining this site again. It’s not a great reason.

  1. Chris Coleman

    Netlify’s functions documentation is not great. Maybe twenty third time’s a charm…

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A Carolina chickadee hangs out on my deck lights

Another photo of one of my favorite birds

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