Atlantic puffin

An Atlantic puffin

Atlantic puffin

We took a family road trip to New England this past summer, and it was a great chance to spot some really cool birds.

I was mostly hoping to see a few loons, but we jumped at the chance to see Atlantic puffins. They aren’t just hanging out, mind you. To see these puffins, you take a five-mile cruise from New Harbor to Eastern Egg Rock. The trip took about 30 minutes, and it was fairly rough sailing at the time, but the waves calmed down once we got close to the island. Once we arrived, we were treated to amazing sights of puffins on the land, sea, and air, as well as many black guillemots, Leach’s storm-petrels, common eider, and several species of gulls and terns.

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Two Atlantic puffins

A pair of Atlantic puffins