A parakeet eats with sparrows at a bird feeder.
A parakeet eats with sparrows at my bird feeder.

Unique visitor

Well here’s something you don’t see every day: A parakeet hanging out at my bird feeder along with some of the local sparrows.

I came close to capturing this little guy a few times, but I never managed to get him. He showed up a few more times, but it’s been a couple weeks since we’ve seen him. I hope someone is able to get him indoors before the winter.

As odd as it sounds to have a parakeet show up at your bird feeder, this isn’t actually the first time this has happened. Nine years ago, a parakeet showed up at the feeders at my last house. That time, I did manage to capture him and take him to the local animal shelter, where he was quickly adopted.

Good luck, little budgie!

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