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You may remember me…

This made the rounds a few years ago before getting taken down from YouTube.

Back in 2013, I rewatched every episode of The Simpsons in my collection of DVD rips. Super cuts were a big thing that year, so I had the bright idea to watch for Troy McClure and make one of my own.

The video started making the rounds, but it really blew up after the AV Club picked it up. It racked up about 700,000 views on YouTube before it got taken down. Even though it felt like fair use, I decided not to file a counter claim.

It still survives on YouTube in the form of a few really shitty rips, where of course, somebody had to add watermarks and stretch it out to 16:9. It must sound ironic that I’m complaining about somebody ripping off a video that I cobbled together from copyrighted material, but at least I put some effort into it.

Well, I uploaded it to Vimeo too, and it’s still there. Enjoy…