New site alert!

  1. Chris Coleman
    You can add a build hook in the Netlify deploy settings, and give that URL to, which will trigger a deploy when a new webmention comes in. I actually just turned this on, so we'll see how it goes…
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  3. The moving walkway is cancelled
  4. Chris Coleman
    @mxbck has created some pretty definitive resources on it. He's using the same setup we both are, so it's basically copy and paste to get going. Syndication is really easy too!……
  5. Chris Coleman
    Ha! Neither did I like two months ago when I relaunched my site. It took some effort to wrap my head around the whole thing but it's a nice system that seems like 80% magic.
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    looks like there's some folks working on it for netlify, but seems like there's some significant complexity there. either js out to a separate service or something that constantly triggers redeploys
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    I'll be honest I donno what a webmention is :S
    I'm using eleventy on netlify
  8. Chris Coleman
    What static site generator did you use? Do you plan to do webmentions and all that?
  9. The moving walkway is cancelled
    thanks man