MF DOOM is dead.

There are very few artists I listened to in the heyday of this site more than MF DOOM. He was one of those artists that I found at the exact right point in my life to fully appreciate.

I moved to the New York area in December of 2005. I was 26 years old at the time. The next month I saw MF Doom live at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square. While the concert was fantastic, I don’t count the show itself as a particularly pivotal moment in my life. I do, however, count it as something that happened at a pivotal moment. Even though I had only moved to the New York area, I was hanging out in the city pretty frequently, and I was only a few months away from actually living in Brooklyn. I was in a relationship that I thought had serious legs, but was actually hanging on by a thread. In the end, it all worked out beautifully, and looking back this concert happened at a time that was more important than I realized.

A very cool thing is that this was while Crap Filter was in its heyday, and I captured my exact thoughts in a review. Long story short, it was a marathon of a show. I don’t think DOOM came on stage until well after midnight. Both memory and my own review indicate that Melle Mel far overshadowed DOOM. Still, it was a fantastic night with my pal Nate (who only had to go back to Harlem, not New Jersey).

RIP Daniel Dumile.