TypePad archive

In July and August of 2003, I beta tested Six Apart’s TypePad service. It was OK, but it wasn't going to be worth $15 every month for a pro account.

This archive collects everything I posted to illtron.typepad.com during the beta period.

  1. What’s up with French people?

    Seriously, they’re projecting over 13,000 heat-related deaths in France from this heat wave.

  2. Cleveland rocks

    Oh, so I’m going to Cleveland with Rick and Little to see Radiohead tonight.

  3. Who you gonna call?

    Hey kiddies, CNN.com is reporting that U.S. forces in Iraq have captured the ghost of Chemical Ali.

  4. I need to start getting paid

    Just the prospect of eventually having some disposable income has got me planning out my purchases for the foreseeable future.

  5. Blame Canada!

    Well, there was no mass looting and rioting during the blackouts — except in Canada.

  6. You’ve got the teeth of the Hydra upon you

    One of most innovative applications for Mac OS X would have to be the app formerly known as Hydra.

  7. I’m not the only one

    I wasn’t the only one to get hit by Microsoft’s ineptitude, I mean, that virus this week.

  8. Billy Gates, why do you make this possible?

    Windows is a giant piece of crap. I hate it more now than I ever have in the past.

  9. TypePad

    Here’s a gripe… there are these great little buttons in TypePad, right above the text area where I type my posts.

  10. Where’d you go?

    I suddenly have next to zero traffic, and nobody has commented since last week.

  11. No TV and no beer make Illtron something something

    Well people, tonight is the last new episode of Futurama.

  12. Monkeys, still not abounding…

    Call me crazy…

  13. Monkeys do not abound!

    The sort of situation we must all work together to ensure never happens.

  14. Work

    I got the job at PennLive.com!

  15. Tomorrow’s casual Friday!

    I’ve heard people talking about a possible change in the dress code at work

  16. Jobby-job update

    Well I think PennLive has checked all of my references, so I hope to hear back from them soon regarding an offer, a second interview, or a rejection.

  17. Comcast

    Yesterday was the first day of working in the new offices for Comcast Advertising Sales, where I work, so I figure that I’ll talk about it a little bit.

  18. $$BLING$$

    Well I went all out today and decided that TypePad is worth paying for.

  19. I couldn’t resist

    I was overcome by the old temptation to bitch about someone else’s article. Here we go…

  20. A case of the Mondays? Sign me up!

    If every Monday could be like this, I’d be a happy, happy dude.

  21. Another waste of a weekend

    Well, Old Home Week, er, Days was pretty lame.

  22. Old Home Week 2003

    Well, well well. It’s that time of year again — Old Home Week.

  23. You so funny!

    Apparently I was quoted in a news article, talking about the former Iraqi Information Minister, Mohammed Said al-Sahaf.

  24. I knew this was coming up

    Maybe I should have mentioned this yesterday.

  25. OK, so I lied

    Well, I lied about being in bed by 9 last night.

  26. So tired

    I need more sleep. I’m in bed by 9 tonight. I swear.

  27. $$BLING$$

    I wonder if it’s a bad thing that I’ve already got my first paycheck planned out

  28. I lived

    So I survived my first week of work at Comcast.

  29. Happy birthday, you dirty, dirty hippie!

    Hey everybody, it’s July 23, and that means that Danielle is 23 today!

  30. Work

    So I had my first day at Comcast today.

  31. PennLive Interview

    I hate coming up with titles for posts.

  32. Homeland what?

    Homeland Security, people!

  33. I’m so proud

    I knew this day would come eventually.

  34. Will work for… just about anything

    So tomorrow’s the big day with PennLive.com.

  35. Did it again

    Today (well, yesterday) was another one of those days where I kept looking at TypePad, yet never actually posted anything.

  36. Aviators

    You may notice the new picture of me on this site.

  37. What day is it again?

    I got my free hot dogs, which was the bare minimum I needed for it to be a good time.

  38. I’m out like stout

    Well kids, it’s time for me to hit the road if I ever want to get to Arts Fest.

  39. When it rains, it pours

    How long have I been unemployed now?

  40. Missed a day already. I’m pathetic!

    Well, I didn’t post anything yesterday.

  41. Results you can’t argue with

    Even after I made some modifications to my templates, my TypePad site is still valid XHTML.

  42. I wish…

    I wish TypePad integrated the MTEntryIfComments plugin functionality.

  43. Jobbed!

    Well the temp agency called me back today — I got the position with Comcast.

  44. Riot act

    Come on people, let’s all do the right thing.

  45. Tuesday’s not so bad

    I think my TypePad weblog is really coming along nicely.

  46. Photo albums

    I think you’ll see me making a lot more Photo albums than I would have previously with Movable Type.

  47. Initial impressions, or not

    OK, so here’s me using TypePad, and not allowed to say much.

  48. Moblog?

    If it doesn’t break first, this post is being sent from my phone. Pretty cool.

  49. First post!

    Well, well, well. Lookie at who got picked to help beta test TypePad.