1. MacWorld impressions

    It’s the time of year that I get all depressed because my lowly salary doesn’t allow me to buy whatever new device/software/service Steve Jobs has telepathically commanded me to buy.

  2. You’ve got the teeth of the Hydra upon you

    One of most innovative applications for Mac OS X would have to be the app formerly known as Hydra.

  3. Reality, distorted

    When Steve Jobs speaks, people listen; often against all logic.

  4. iTunes 4

    In case you haven’t heard by now, Apple introduced a new music service on Monday that lets you buy music on a per-song or per-album basis through the new version of iTunes.

  5. Even more Safari

    Right now I’m using Safari on a much faster connection than mine, and I have to say that it is definitely a lot faster than Chimera.

  6. More Safari

    I have to say that I’m really taking a liking to Safari.

  7. Safari

    What kind of Mac weblog type guy would I be if I didn’t talk about Safari?

  8. MWSF

    Today marks the opening of Mac World San Francisco 2003.

  9. Shameless product endorsement

    There’s nothing wrong with talking up some good stuff, is there? Excellent.

  10. So get this

    When I got home from work, there was a message for me that someone from Apple called me about the Apple Store that’s going to be built in King of Prussia.