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This is the politics archive.

  1. The Republican Party

    Republicans have a really obvious tell when they’re lying about their opponents.

  2. A quick one before the election ends

    We should count ourselves as incredibly fortunate that a smarter guy than Trump didn't try this shit first.

  3. I’ve been thinking about this election

    I’ve been too busy to write, but that doesn't mean things aren’t on my mind.

  4. More on the shadiness

    Keith Olbermann smells it too.

  5. A gigantic surprise!

    So the election was very likely a fraud. Big surprise.

  6. So you wanna be president?

    I get the feeling that thanks to Karl Rove and his beautiful way of twisting facts, no senator can run for president anytime soon.

  7. Hey America

    Note to self: Stick to the issues, Chris!

  8. Tips for lowering your expectations

    Things to remember for the presidential debate:

  9. I couldn’t resist

    I was overcome by the old temptation to bitch about someone else’s article. Here we go…

  10. And now The Patriot Act, part deux

    There’s a great interview with Cindy Cohn of The Electronic Frontier Foundation at Techfocus.

  11. It’s worse than i thought…

    Wow, if you haven’t read the full text of Rick Santorum’s interview with the AP, you don’t know what you’re missing.

  12. Hey, I didn’t vote for him

    Wow, what a great guy that Rick Santorum is.

  13. And you idiots won’t do a thing about it

    Read this article.