1. Rebuilding this old website

    I wrote about what went into rebuilding this old blog as a high-performing, modern static site. Buckle up, this one’s a real journey.

  2. Responsive off-canvas navigation

    I made a responsive off-canvas navigation that’s easy to implement and doesn’t require much in the way of additional markup.

  3. Question block in pure CSS

    I’m trying to think of how a mixin could simplify this, but it seems like it’ll be a lot of manual labor no matter what I do.

  4. Mario in CSS

    No images were harmed in the making of this pixel guy.

  5. Another link color mixin

    You know, I just checked, and Compass does include something like this.

  6. iOS style toggle mixin

    This could probably use a little more work, but it’s heading in the right direction.

  7. Link color mixin

    I needed a mixin for links, so I made this.

  8. The world needed another grid system… so here it is

    Introducing the 1140px Responsive Sass Grid!

  9. Tips for getting started with Sass

    I’m still only ankle-deep in the world of Sass, but I already can’t imagine building a site without it.