1. Chris Coleman

    I wrote a bit the other day about how Star Wars has been building the groundwork necessary to allow Darth Sidious to return from the dead. If this is your sort of thing, I really recommend you read James Whitbrook’s very detailed piece on everything we know about Palpatine’s plan to return over at io9.

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  2. Chris Coleman

    Did I just restart my website and then abandon it? Absolutely not!

    I’ve just been busy tidying things up. I’ve made some nice improvements to webmentions and added likes. Check it out!

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  3. Chris Coleman

    I plan to write up the fun stuff that went into this site soon, but a fun feature is dark mode. To see it you’ll need Safari Technology Preview on macOS Mojave, and dark appearance enabled. I’ll add a manual toggle eventually too.

    Dark mode

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  4. Chris Coleman

    I was busy this weekend! I’ve got notes! I’ve got automatic Tweets to new posts! I think I’ve got Web Mentions! I think it’s getting time to chill out with the features and just start writing…

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  5. Chris Coleman

    Look, I don’t have a lot to say right now, but I did want to let @c2dev2 that I’ve got notes posting automatically from my site to Twitter using a Netlify Lambda function. I’ll probably extend it to everything later!

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