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  1. Chris Coleman

    Netlify’s functions documentation is not great. Maybe twenty third time’s a charm…

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  2. Chris Coleman

    Not gonna lie, this is mostly another test to see if auto-posting to Twitter is working again. Depending on how it goes I’ll either post to Twitter one time, zero times, or like 50 times. And here we go!

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  3. Chris Coleman

    I’ve been doing a lot of work these last few weeks, and I think everything is finally 100% upgraded, and 100% functional. This note serves as a test to help me confirm…

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  4. Chris Coleman

    I’ve been slacking with my site lately, in large part because I’ve been preoccupied with work stuff and I just don’t have the energy. I’ve been using Vue and Nuxt, and really enjoying it. Read Dave Rupert’s post for a great summary of Vue. I agree completely with his take!

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  5. Chris Coleman

    After a re-listen, I am prepared to state that Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness does not hold up. For something they tried to sell as the return of the concept album, it’s just an incredibly disjointed collection of songs. There are enough highlights that they could have assembled a pretty good normal-length album, though it would have still felt disjointed.

    It’s just so weird that Gish and Siamese Dream, which both felt like coherent works, led up to this.

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  6. Chris Coleman

    Chris Schetter rebooted his blog with a on on point post about why nobody wants your product. Good stuff!

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  7. Chris Coleman

    I’ve started putting notes together and outlining the first article in my series on playing Nintendo Power cover games, and I’m realizing I’m going to have a lot to say about Super Mario Bros. 2. These aren’t going to be straight reviews, and I’ll have more to say about some than others, but SMB2 was just a juggernaut of a game. It’ll take a few days to finish, but I’m excited to get writing.

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  8. Chris Coleman

    I wrote a bit the other day about how Star Wars has been building the groundwork necessary to allow Darth Sidious to return from the dead. If this is your sort of thing, I really recommend you read James Whitbrook’s very detailed piece on everything we know about Palpatine’s plan to return over at io9.

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  9. Chris Coleman

    Did I just restart my website and then abandon it? Absolutely not!

    I’ve just been busy tidying things up. I’ve made some nice improvements to webmentions and added likes. Check it out!

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  10. Chris Coleman

    I plan to write up the fun stuff that went into this site soon, but a fun feature is dark mode. To see it you’ll need Safari Technology Preview on macOS Mojave, and dark appearance enabled. I’ll add a manual toggle eventually too.

    Dark mode

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  11. Chris Coleman

    I was busy this weekend! I’ve got notes! I’ve got automatic Tweets to new posts! I think I’ve got Web Mentions! I think it’s getting time to chill out with the features and just start writing…

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  12. Chris Coleman

    Look, I don’t have a lot to say right now, but I did want to let @c2dev2 that I’ve got notes posting automatically from my site to Twitter using a Netlify Lambda function. I’ll probably extend it to everything later!

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