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This is the animals archive.

  1. Female downy woodpecker

    Another photo of the most fearless bird in my yard

  2. Painted Bunting

    I saw a very cool bird on a hike around Great Falls, MD.

  3. Carolina chickadee (again)

    Another photo of one of my favorite birds

  4. Turkey vulture

    Another entry in my adventures in bird photography.

  5. Raccoon

    Just a scraggly guy out for a daytime stroll.

  6. Gray tree frog

    Here is a frog I met.

  7. Mantis

    This is, I believe, a male Carolina mantis, a common praying mantis species native to North and South America.

  8. Snapper

    I met a snapping turtle near the Delaware River in Narrowsburg, NY. She did not seem thrilled to meet me.

  9. Wood duck

    A wood duck nervously watches me try to take its picture.

  10. Red-bellied woodpecker

    A red-bellied woodpecker eats at my feeders.

  11. Carolina chickadee

    A Carolina chickadee sits on a branch among emerging magnolia buds.

  12. Downy woodpecker

    A downy woodpecker eats at my feeders

  13. Yellow-bellied sapsucker

    A Yellow-bellied sapsucker chills near my feeders.

  14. Eastern bluebird

    Mount Gilead, North Carolina — A male eastern bluebird rests on a branch, March 9, 2019.

  15. Hermit crab

    A hermit crab hangs out on the beach at Emerald Isle, North Carolina.

  16. Northern cardinal

    Nice bird!

  17. Crocodile monitor

    A crocodile monitor lizard at the Philadelphia Zoo

  18. A peacock

    A peacock at the Philadelphia Zoo