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This is the current affairs archive.

  1. Black lives matter

    We can't fix a 401-year problem overnight, but we've got to start somewhere. I think we have gotten started.

  2. On restarting a blog in the age of coronavirus

    I think I figured out why I’ve suddenly got the urge to start maintaining this site again. It’s not a great reason.

  3. What a week!

    R.I.P. Frank Perdue

  4. A gigantic surprise!

    So the election was very likely a fraud. Big surprise.

  5. Bad stuff in Scranton?

    This is just lovely.

  6. Top of the charts

    I was inspired by a story I read on Yahoo! News about pro-war country songs, so I decided to write something.

  7. What’s up with French people?

    Seriously, they’re projecting over 13,000 heat-related deaths in France from this heat wave.

  8. Who you gonna call?

    Hey kiddies, is reporting that U.S. forces in Iraq have captured the ghost of Chemical Ali.

  9. Blame Canada!

    Well, there was no mass looting and rioting during the blackouts — except in Canada.

  10. You so funny!

    Apparently I was quoted in a news article, talking about the former Iraqi Information Minister, Mohammed Said al-Sahaf.

  11. Al-Sahaf

    I have to say that Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, the Iraqi Information Minister gets the Illtron award for best comedy.

  12. Love CNN; not so crazy about

    Last night, I watched the CNN crew embedded with the 3-7th infantry find and give medical assistance to a wounded Iraqi soldier near Saddam International Airport.

  13. Shock and aw yeah!

    The shock and awe has begun.

  14. Shock and awe?

    All right, so this war hasn’t been exactly chock full of the shock and awe that we were promised.

  15. The war on TV

    As a journalist who has never been employed as such, I find it hard to watch this war on TV and think about it as an American.

  16. WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    This war’s not going to be over until it starts.

  17. It’s March 17… you know what that means!

    It’s time to blow up Iraq!

  18. Why is everyone else stupid?

    Danielle alerted me to this gem.

  19. Wow, North Korea

    OK, everybody knows that the guy with the big hair in North Korea is nuts.

  20. Think about this

    Have you seen these people?

  21. Please help Saddam Hussein

    Saddam Hussein needs your help.

  22. This is waaaaay overdue

    I know that plenty of people complain that laws like this one violate their rights, but I really don’t give a damn what they think.

  23. They’re everywhere

    So did you hear the one about the stupid people?

  24. Why I complain about people

    I like to use my site as a way of bitching about other people and how stupid they are.

  25. When I’m 114…

    My best friend in the whole wide world,, tells me that the oldest living American died at age 114.

  26. Something truly awful

    I hate to have to do this, but it’s come to it.

  27. Saddam Hussein is a douchebag

    Everyone knows Saddam Hussein is a nut. But have you ever heard the rumors that the guy’s got like a 180 IQ?