web work

  1. Rebuilding this old website

    I wrote about what went into rebuilding this old blog as a high-performing, modern static site. Buckle up, this one’s a real journey.

  2. What am I talking about?

    Do you know who doesn’t care about how technologically impressive your website is?

  3. Code alone can’t solve problems

    I do user experience, product, content, and all kinds of touchy-feely things that make digital experiences usable for humans.

  4. The world needed another grid system… so here it is

    Introducing the 1140px Responsive Sass Grid!

  5. Tips for getting started with Sass

    I’m still only ankle-deep in the world of Sass, but I already can’t imagine building a site without it.

  6. Simple IE 6 alert with jQuery

    First, let me say I realize that in 2011 we’re supposed to be detecting features, not browsers.

  7. Results you can’t argue with

    Even after I made some modifications to my templates, my TypePad site is still valid XHTML.