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This is the birds archive.

  1. Carolina chickadee (again)

    Another photo of one of my favorite birds

  2. Unique visitor

    I had a unique visitor at one of my bird feeders recently.

  3. Turkey vulture

    Another entry in my adventures in bird photography.

  4. Wood duck

    A wood duck nervously watches me try to take its picture.

  5. Red-bellied woodpecker

    A red-bellied woodpecker eats at my feeders.

  6. Carolina chickadee

    A Carolina chickadee sits on a branch among emerging magnolia buds.

  7. Downy woodpecker

    A downy woodpecker eats at my feeders

  8. Yellow-bellied sapsucker

    A Yellow-bellied sapsucker chills near my feeders.

  9. Eastern bluebird

    Mount Gilead, North Carolina — A male eastern bluebird rests on a branch, March 9, 2019.

  10. Northern cardinal

    Nice bird!

  11. A peacock

    A peacock at the Philadelphia Zoo