site stuff

  1. Well I’m back

    I figured that since I’m one of those guys who make websites for a living, I should probably have one of my own.

  2. More half-assed feats of technology

    Well I finally got something done today that I had been meaning to do for months.

  3. Scratch one more

    So I tried to get creative and set up Kung-Tunes to list my current iTunes track.

  4. New design

    Happy days are here again!

  5. This… this is a test

    I want to see what happens when I ping my own site.

  6. This’ll shut you up

    It will shut a great many of you up to hear that I am working on a design for this site

  7. MT 3 Test

    Yeah, so Six Apart is apparently evil now, but I’m giving MT 3 a whirl just the same.

  8. Moblog?

    If it doesn’t break first, this post is being sent from my phone. Pretty cool.

  9. Time to upgrade… you know where I’m going with this, right?

    OK, I updated Movable Type to version 2.64.

  10. This is a Kung-Log test

    Looks like it’s working, but I just wanted to be sure…

  11. Yet another member of the Illtron family

    In case you didn’t hear it from Danielle, there’s a new member of the family at

  12. Cash money millionblog

    If you’re using Movable Type on a Mac, you need Kung-Log.

  13. Time to upgrade — fuck save!

    That God-forsaken CD burner just wouldn’t work.

  14. Please help

    I’m trying to set up this stupid text counter, and the damn thing just won’t work

  15. Upgrade

    Upgrade your gray matter… 'cause one day it may matter…

  16. I paid!

    Since I love Movable Type so much, and I had some money from failed hare-brained schemes sitting in my PayPal account, I decided to pay for this fine piece of software.

  17. Another change

    In addition to the new way of posting comments, I also added permalinks for each entry.

  18. More changes to the site

    I made a nice change to the site.

  19. One-two one-two

    This is just a test™.

  20. Everything’s fine

    So I’m really making some progress with the site.

  21. An update on my progress

    All right, so here’s where I stand with this redesign.

  22. This is a test

    This is not an emergency.

  23. Under construction

    I’ve been overcome by ambition and some strange effects of the f’d up weather

  24. First entry

    Well this is the first entry in my new weblog. I refuse to call it a “blog.”